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          There are few other occupations that touch as many people in a single day than a school nurse!  The more than 70,000 of us — in the U.S. alone — each connects with hundreds to thousands of students (and their families), staff members, and visitors (from toddlers to grandparents) every single day.  

          With busy clinics and most of us working as the only health professional on our campus, there is little time available to research health conditions and resources to better care for our students or run our clinics.  Our primary responsibility is caring for students as they present in our clinics.  But, as healthcare professionals, we also need to educate others about health promotion and disease prevention. is your ever-growing resource that houses thousands of links, diagrams, and PDFs that assist you in the clinic but can be shared with your students, faculty, and school families.  Because we can’t replicate ourselves, access to a resource website comes in a close second!  

Missing Children:

With 70,000 school nurses throughout the US, there is no better way to shed light on missing children.  Please take a moment to view the following pictures.  If you have any questions, click on the photo collage for more information and who to contact.



News You Can Use

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